Treatment Care For Dry Skin


For optimal treatment of dry and prematurely aged skin, the use of nature-based, nourishing skincare is perfect. The time to take action is now!

For a radiant complexion and to effectively treat skin dryness, it is essential to commit to a dedicated skincare regimen both morning and evening.

Our meticulously crafted “Care for Dry Skin” collection offers specially formulated products designed to deeply nourish and enhance the integrity, elasticity, and overall wellness of your skin. With these nourishing formulations, tailored specifically to your needs, you can rest assured that your skin is receiving the utmost care and attention it requires.



Honey Healing Mask.   Super nourish depleted, dry, aging skin. This skin perfecting mask with high MGO Manuka honey, papaya extract, skin vitamins inc. vitamin B and plant butters . Use once or twice a week after cleansing or as needed.

Ultra Rich Eye Cream. The eye area is a delicate skin area that requires the ultimate in hydration and nourishing specific to the eye area. Pores are smaller around the eye area therefore this skin is best treated with a specific solution.

Pure Plant Moisturiser. The ultimate velvet smooth day and night cream.

Essential Elixir. The very best combination of pure cold pressed plant oils and essential oils for a nightly facial massage treatment. Gentle massage in upward light movements, just a minute or two until the oil disappears into the skin to replenish natural skin oils.

Bush Honey Balm At night apply on top of and around the lips. Use daily on lips and massage onto cuticles and other dry skin areas.

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