“I have been using Essential Elixir for 2 years to treat Rosacea which has cleared up. I’m still using it everyday. I started off buying the small bottles but now I buy the large because I can’t do without it! I also used if for a scar on my right elbow. The skin is softer, no longer raised or red. Essential Elixir has worked really well.” Tanya Scott

“I used to use well known, expensive skin care products when I lived in Sydney, then I moved to Beechmont QLD and have been using Beauty By Nature products for about 4 years now. I thought my skin was rather good, however over the period of a few months I watched it improve beyond my wildest dreams.My pores in particular are now tiny. The texture of my skin is now simply beautiful. Some girlfriends recently asked me which foundation I use because it gave such a wonderful base to my cosmetics – they were astounded when I told them that all I use is loose powder, no foundation. If you have good skin you don’t need to hide it! Good skin IS the base you need for cosmetics. My favourite product is Cell Regenerating Complex. After toning, a few squirts of Cell Regenerating Complex covers the face and décolletage and this gives the skin an extra moisture base under moisturiser. However, I think because of the OUTSTANDING research in her products, Vanessa has given Cell Regenerating Complex a way of penetrating deep skin layers giving a truly cared for base to outer layers. It does not clog on hot, humid Summer days, and keeps the skin happily hydrated during drying Winter months. I call this product Miracle Serum, it is that effective. I would recommend Beauty By Nature to EVERYONE. Vanessa is passionate and dedicated to ensuring her products are “clean” (NO Petrochemicals) and she sources the most Eco friendly and beautiful ingredients from around the world to produce her skin care range. I am 52 years old and Beauty By Nature is the most fabulous skin care product I have ever used.” Jane Taylor

“I have been using my new products & I am really happy with them. I love the facial exfoliant as it makes my skin feel like silk on my face and is really gentle. Well done to you on this product, you seem to have perfected it nicely. I enjoy all of the products very much,thank you for taking the time to tweak your products as it makes a huge difference.” Katherine Keys

“Thank you for all of your help on my wedding day you did a fantastic job. I love the way that you did my makeup, it was very natural looking, which I appreciated (usually I don’t wear any makeup aside from lipstick occasionally). I had not had a facial before and that was a wonderful experience, I felt rejuvenated afterwards. I had never had a pedicure or manicure before either and was very impressed with my nails when you’d finished them. I felt amazing on my wedding day…..thank you so much.” Hadassah McGrath

“I am absolutely loving all the products! my skin has cleared up a lot and am also trying not to put our hard water on my face, instead i just use your cleanser then wipe it off with the toner. brilliant! Thank you for your fabulous products!” Molly Ashton

“My favourite product is the Aqua Serum. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way my skin feels after I put it on & it continues to feel great. Really soft & hydrated. With our hot climate up here I keep it in the fridge so when I put it on it is so refreshing & deliciously cool.” Loretta Dale

“It is so good to have the confidence to know that I am putting natural products on to my face – where the ingredients are known and quality tested and the producer is a knowledgeable person with integrity.” Dina Fyffe

“Mum and I both love using Intensive Nourishing Mask. It’s the best mask we’ve ever used. Mum has bought and used so many different brands and she said this mask really does make a difference! I find that after using it around my eye area it has helped to lighten the small amount of pigmentation that I’ve noticed getting while I’ve been pregnant. The Intensive Nourishing Mask just feels so good on my skin. We both really love using it and recommend it to everyone.” Katrina Middleton

I have used BBN products for about 15 years. Over that time I have tried other products (moisturisers in particular) but none ever compare to the quality of BBN. Nor have I had the results or peace of mind that BBN offers. I can trust these products and know they have been created with utmost integrity. Amanda

“It is an understatement to say I would be one of the last people on the planet to believe that a skin care range could make such a difference at age 53. I have a fair English complexion and do not like a lot of fussy skin routines however I’ve been using Beauty By Nature for some 3 months now and the comments I have had from people about how incredible my skin looks is nothing short of miraculous, I’m hooked, thank you Vanessa for your incredible and amazing products.” Bev Oliver

“Hi again, I’ve been shopping on your site again as i think i might be addicted to your amazing products! I’m glad I’ve found everything i need in the one place. I love beauty by nature because the products feel like they have been made with love and purity.” Carissa Lane

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your lovely treatment yesterday. My skin felt so good afterwards and oh those wonderful aromas of the pure oils that you use are just heavenly – a lovely experience. I shall enjoy getting back into my beauty routines and using your wonderful products now. I feel blessed to have you available as i am sure do others.” Diane Hicks

“I love the Eye Cream. Beauty By Nature has all of the products I like.” Renae Knowles

“M favourite products are Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Heal Spot Serum.” Julie Ayers

“My favourite product would have to be the Even Skin Tone, as when I first began using this product with you my face was very blotchy and red, from years of suffering with Adult Acne. With continual use of this product, along with your wonderful facials, I am now at the age of 70 enjoying a wonderful healthy glowing skin, and receiving many compliments on my skin now. Congratulations for giving the people of Australia a really wonderful healthy skin care range, backed up by your continual hints and advise. Where would I be if I have not met you or your products.” Pammy Frangipani

“Just wanted to let you know I LOVE the new Vanilla Mint Lip Balm.” Paula Vievers

“I just love all of your products. Beauty By Nature makes such a difference to my skin. I just can’t be without it. When i went out west and my life changed and I couldn’t use your products my skin felt looked so bad. Now that I’m using Beauty By Nature again I know I look a lot better and people have said I look younger.”   Pearl from Cairns

“It’s nice to know that you can use the Lavender Lotion as a face cream. I tried it and it works for me! I’m happy that you cater for people on a budget. While I’m not working I can’t afford expensive products so I’m lucky I can still use your products. I’ll switch back to the Pure Plant Moisturiser as soon as I get a job. I love the smell of it.” Fiona – Gold Coast

“You’ve worked magic into your creams. I can’t believe that I haven’t had a reaction to anything I’ve used so far because my skin is so sensitive. I’ve used just about everything over the years but Beauty By Nature is by far the best. Thank you and I’ll be phoning to order more shortly.” Hannah – Rockhampton

“I really don’t know where I’d be without Beauty By Nature. Everything is so natural you can just feel it when you put it on. My skin looks better now than it did 10 years ago.” Pamela – Melbourne

“I love Beauty By Nature products because I trust them.” Ziva

“Beauty By Nature products are superior to any other product. Just the ultimate. Heather Turner Hi Vanessa, The Heal Spot Serum is magic, it’s cleared away the pimples around my chin.” Josie C

“My partner is using Beauty By Nature now because he noticed how good my skin is looking. Using Cell Regenerating Complex, my skin has felt so hydrated, it’s lost that dry feeling and I love the way the Pure Plant Moisturiser doesn’t leave a film on my skin. The Cleanser gets off all of the mining dust and the facial exfoliant makes my skin feel so clean.” Rose – The Pilberra

“Since I’ve started using the Honey Healing mask I’ve been getting comments about my skin and how good it looks. It’s the best mask I’ve ever used! Thank you.” Katrina Middleton

“I have been in hospital for almost 2 weeks now and the cleanser and Aqua Serum have been such a blessing. The air con was starting to wreak havoc with my skin however applying the Aqua Serum a couple of times a day has been fantastic. Thank you so much.” Birri – Brisbane

“After visiting you and buying Detox oil you recommended for fluid retention and cellulite control it has helped the texture of my thighs. I’ve been talking about your products so you should get some phone calls!” Karyn

“Beauty By Nature products are absolutely gorgeous. I noticed a difference in my complexion within days.” Cate MacKenzie – Marie Claire Magazine

“I just wanted to let you know I am loving your products and I’m working hard to convert my Mum and cousin so you should get more orders soon!” Jodie – Main Roads Qld

“I have found the Gentle Facial Exfoliant to be absolutely wonderful and the White Clay Mask. It feels like I’m wearing a new face. My pigmentation has cleared wonderfully since using the Even Skin Tone Serum. Beauty By Nature products are wonderful.” Hayley

“Congratulations on your beautiful range of Beauty By Nature. I love it.” Debbie Simpson