About Beauty By Nature

Like love, we seek true beauty on the inside while we worship beauty on the outside. As individuals, flawless skin is the ultimate goal we seek for outer awesomeness. With Beauty By Nature as your trustworthy skin care partner travel the passage of time knowing your skin is in the best hands.

Clear, smooth, supple skin requires dedication to a simple daily ritual with superior natural formulations. Your skin will benefit from Beauty By Nature’s healthy and pure combination of cutting edge plant based aroma-therapeutic ingredients. The integrity of your skin is what we care about.

Every individual product is formulated with careful regard to potency. Our exclusive formulas have produced each product as a hero with it’s own individual aroma profile with specific ingredients. Beauty By Nature works synergistically and by layering, powerful results are achieved on a cellular level.

Beauty By Nature takes your skin on a journey of total renewal. Since 1998 Beauty By Nature has been used in salon on thousands of clients and with many testimonials we certainly have undeniable proof of the professional results you would expect from a high performing skin care range. Beauty By Nature represents skin care success with just your daily skin care ritual. Feed your skin from the outside in.

Situated on the beautiful Gold Coast, Lower Beechmont, Queensland Beauty By Nature was created surrounded by beauty. All of our products are made in Australia using Australian ingredients where possible. Beauty By Nature cares about the environment so packaging is minimal… no boxes! We don’t want to add to the growing amount of landfill. With that in mind it makes our product more affordable, now that’s a win for your budget. And we support absolutely no animal testing. All of our products are tested on willing humans.
Discover your skin’s true potential as we target specific concerns.

Think healthy skin, natural beauty. Beauty By Nature is everything you’ve been looking for in natural cosmetics.

Beauty By Nature – THE PRODUCT

The beauty of Beauty By Nature is that every product uplifts your emotions with the power of aromatherapy. Essential oils contain thousands of compounds that affect our body to achieve harmony. Aromatherapy is a subtle art and science and while every individual Beauty By Nature product has it’s own specific profile of ingredients it also has it’s own functional aroma profile. We don’t use synthetic perfumes to fragrance our products.

Beauty By Nature products contain pure plant oils because of their valuable vitamins, phospholipids and essential fatty acids that are integral to healthy skin. We use bio available Coenzyme Q10 that actually penetrates into cells of the skin. Plant extracts in the past were simply plants and herbs left to decay in oil or alcohol while the extract was infusing. The powerful plant extracts used in Beauty By Nature products have had state of the art, instant, water processing and the nutrient value is ‘off the scale’ in the lab. That’s a plus for your skin to provide potent healing and skin youth.

Beauty By Nature was one of the first cosmetic companies in Australia to use OLIVEM 1000 crystal skin technology from Italy. This emulsifier system is made from olives rather than the synthetic based emulsifiers used in many other brands. The crystals formed adhere to the cells of your skin to form a powerful antiageing regime. Beauty By Nature serums and creams prevent irritation and skin layer weakness by strengthening and supporting the structural skin cell matrix system. Potent, active ingredients contribute to comforting and restoring balance to achieve anti-ageing and clear skin results.
CoQ10, Vitamin B5 Panthenol, natural vitamin E are just some of the intelligent skin nutrients that form our powerful force to assist in total skin renewal. Did you know that the Kakadu Plum extract, that we have sourced for Beauty By Nature contains 56 times the amount of Vitamin C than an orange does per milligram? That’s a plus for your skin as vitamin C prevents skin deterioration and strengthens blood vessels. Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid provides micro skin tightening and cell hydration activating and firming skin tone.

Beauty By Nature products are made from certified organic and natural ingredients of the highest quality available on the planet. We don’t however plan on paying to become a ‘Certified Organic’ Skin Care Range because it would mean a Significant increase in our retail prices which may make our product unobtainable for some people. Beauty By Nature also utilises wild crafted ingredients directly from nature such as wild Ravensara essential oil and Wild Moroccan Chamomile. We also use Fair Trade organic and natural ingredients such as Shea butter just to name a few magnificent ingredients.
Our focus is on providing ‘as near to nature as possible’ skin care therefore we don’t use any nasties such as synthetic fragrance, no synthetic colour, no sulphates, no Parabens, no phthalates, no petrochemicals, no mineral oils, no coal tar.
Put simply, Beauty By Nature is everything you’ve been looking for in natural, organic, effective, affordable skin care.

Our Philosophy

  • Harsh, paraben based and formaldehyde producing preservatives are NOT used.
  • Beauty By Nature products have a use by date included on the label to ensure freshness. Products should be used within the use by date period. A spatula is provided for your use when required.
  • Ingredients as near to nature as possible
  • Where ever possible organic ingredients are used
  • Pure plant and herbal extracts, vitamins, antioxidants and clays – no animal derived ingredients (except beeswax).
  • Not tested on animals
  • Pure cold pressed oils from nuts, fruit seeds and flower petals are added
  • Real floral water from the distillation of essential oils is used
  • Containers made of recyclable glass, or p.e.t. recyclable plastic and anodised aluminium to protect the product are used when possible. We don’t use pvcs.
  • Unnecessary packaging is eliminated as products are not boxed.
  • Australian ingredients are used – including Australian Aloe vera, Australian jojoba, Macadamia, Avocado oil and essential oils.