Aromatherapy Protection Duo


We recommend using Aromatherapy Protection Roll On whenever you’re away from home.

Protection Roll on oil is an aromatherapy blend containing a combination of premium essential oils that therapists would normally use to fight pathogens.

Clear Mt. Air is a fresh aromatic blend with Australian native Eucalyptus, Cajeput as wells fresh citrus, earthy woods and herbs.The essential oils chosen are known for their invigorating, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral properties.

Usage:Essential oil diffuser Home or Office.



We’ve carefully blended certain essential oils to create simply beautiful aromas that offer protection throughout the Autumn and Winter flu season. Essential oils such as Tea Tree have been scientifically proven to fight bacterial infections and Eucalyptus is an old favourite to help clear your nose. Beautiful citrus and wood oils have also been included to provide a not only a beautiful scent but also an effective aromatherapy experience. These aromatic essential oils also lift your emotions.

  • Protection roll on, is ready to use. Use undiluted and roll on to enjoy.  Protection Blend contains a combination of essential oils that are ideally used for helping to fight the spread of pathogens. Recent laboratory testing of compounds contained in certain essential oils revealed that some compounds have the Potential to not only fight bacterial and fungal pathogens but also Viral pathogens.
  • Clear Mt. Air is a concentrated Essential Oil Blend; it makes a great chest and back rub when mixed with a carrier/massage base oil. Being a concentrate we never recommend to use neat (undiluted). Clear Mt. Air Blend clears the air and freshens your environment with a super blend of Australian natives, sweet citrus, woods and herbs. So easy to use, simply sprinkle onto a tissue and inhale. Use a few drops in an essential oil diffuser for Home or Office.


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Weight 90 g


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