Total Relaxation Gift Box


Gift with purchase while stocks last!  Sound Sleep Bubble Bath in the evening is best to incorporate in your night time routine for a relaxing and deep sleep.

Lavender Lotion is an all purpose body and face moisturiser with the highest quality Lavender. Deeply nourish the skin, mind and body with this  gorgeous lotion. Provides relief for skin irritation such as mild sunburn and insect bites.

Relaxation Therapy Roll On natural perfume oil calms your mind and body anytime day or night.

Settle Petal face and body spritz is instant skin hydration containing pure botanical floral water and bush flower essences to refresh and calm your emotions. May be used anytime, anywhere.

Tip: Spritz regularly with Settle Petal if you work in front of a computer screen. * In hot temperatures, store Settle Petal in the refrigerator for cooling and refreshing your face and body anytime.





Relaxation Pack with instructions and  guided information for

Sleep Assistance and deep relaxation

Pack contains;

Lavender Lotion 100ml tube

Settle Petal Face and Body Spritz

Relaxation Therapy Roll On

Complimentary Sound Sleep luxury bath and shower bubbles with Neroli 250ml  (save $37 until stocks last!)

If you require Gift Packaging Box at no extra charge, please request at checkout.



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Weight 310 g


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