White clay Mask Kit


Beautiful fine purified clays have many uses. They are rich in minerals: silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. Minerals give clay its active properties and they are beneficial for your skin for detoxifying, refining, toning and brightening. Blend clay with the floral water in your kit or have fun and create your own mask with some ingredients we suggest from your kitchen.



Note: Beauty By Nature uses non irradiated clays which are a real bonus to your skin. These very special clays are ground and purified with ozone.


These complex clays help to absorb unwanted dry skin cells and excess oil secretions while very gently exfoliating your complexion. This is a very gentle yet highly effective mask, remineralising treatment for purifying your complexion.

Brazilian clays show traces of volcanic ash and minerals dating back thousands of year. Minerals such as iron oxides, magnesium salts and calcium. Brazilian clay is mined in rich environmental conditions; a mixture of ancient mountainous ranges and deep sedimentary basins.

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Weight 275 g


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