White clay Mask Kit


Now available with bonus Vegan Mask Brush!

This Clay Treatment is very different from what you may have used before. We’re excited to bring you the most magnificent combination of the gentlest and richest clays for beautifying your skin. These non irradiated, ozone purified clays are rich in minerals: silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. Minerals give clay its active properties and they are beneficial for your skin for detoxifying, refining, toning and brightening. Blend clay with the pure floral water in your kit or have fun and create your own mask with some ingredients we suggest from your kitchen.



Very gently exfoliate your complexion with these very mineral rich clays that help to absorb unwanted dry skin cells and excess oil secretions. This is also a remineralising treatment for boosting vitality and purifying your complexion.

When kept damp on your skin the clays remineralise and revitalise your complexion. When allowed to dry the clay absorbs excess oil and unwanted skin cells on the skin’s surface.  Mix up just enough clay to use for a mask. We also provide extra ‘recipes’ to create all sorts of mask treatments utilising ingredients from your kitchen, such as yoghurt, cucumber and lemon. Using this method of dry clay and mixing with water or 100%Pure Rose Water Hydrosol, that’s provided, there are no preservatives or harsh chemicals used and that’s a Real bonus for your skin. The Rose Water, provided, may also be used as a toning lotion for after your mask treatment.

Brazilian clays show traces of volcanic ash and minerals dating back thousands of year. Minerals such as iron oxides, magnesium salts and calcium. Brazilian clay is mined in rich environmental conditions; a mixture of ancient mountainous ranges and deep sedimentary basins.

Note: Beauty By Nature uses non irradiated, natural ozone purified clay from Brazil and Australian Kaolin with powdered quartz crystal. This amazing blend is free of asbestos and crystaline silica which are a real bonus to your skin. These are very special clays which are the bi-product of the weathering of rocks and soil over time. During the time it takes for rocks to break down the clay can also take up organic matter from plants and animals that share its environment.

The Brazilian clay we have used is said to have the highest mineral potential in the world thanks to the rich environmental conditions, namely a mixture of ancient mountainous ranges and deep sedimentary basins. The largest basin, accounting for 40% of the whole South American continent, is drained by the Amazon and its tributaries with the Parana system, covering 14.5% of Brazil being another basin of significance. It is from within these basins that our Brazilian clay is harvested.

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