What is your skin diet?

What we apply onto the skin, our daily moisturisers and perfumes will absorb into our body.

In a society that places youthful looks near the top of the list, changes to hair and skin can cause significant concern & low self-esteem. Whether you’re in your teens or reaching mid life, hormonal changes may cause dry skin, wrinkles, brown markings (melasma) uneven skin tone, redness and acne.

Science validates essential oils as potent and therapeutic. The human skin can utilize natural plant chemicals from essential oils to aid in repairing and regenerating skin, which is ideal for skin that is undergoing hormonal change due to stress, lifestyle or health issues. Our skin absorbs approx. 60% of what we put on it, so you want to make sure the products you’re using don’t contain toxic or unhealthy ingredients.

When high quality oils and healthy ingredients are combined into your skin care products the results are phenomenal as essential oils penetrate the skin passively through a process know as diffusion.

Basically the more skin you cover with aromatherapy oils, the greater the affect to improve your skin & your overall wellbeing. We recommend Lemon Myrtle essential oil in Super Rich Body Lotion for it’s gentle antiseptic & refreshing qualities.

Lavender Hand and Body Lotion is ideal to use on sensitive skin as it calms and soothes your skin and your mind!

Since each essential oil contains different plant chemicals their affects vary eg. some oils are antiseptic, anti-viral, sedative, stimulating. We’ve skillfully combined, essential oils to work synergistically to not only treat the skin but also they may improve your mood. Essential oils can have prolonged psychological effects on our feelings and thoughts because they absorb readily into body fat and then in turn pass easily into the central nervous system. Since our brain is rich in fats, scientists have speculated that essential oils may remain in the brain for some time having a mood altering affect.

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