Is Eyestrain & Premature Ageing Linked?

The eyes are said to be the window of our soul and are often considered to be the most important of our five senses. With our increased use of computers and mobiles, eyestrain is becoming an ongoing problem for many people.

Eyestrain and tiredness often leads to dark circles, puffiness and irritation around the eye area and if prolonged will lead to premature ageing.
By far the best remedy for eyestrain is time away from electronic devices and getting more sleep although it’s not always practical or possible to get the rest we need.

Cold, thinly sliced cucumber placed onto closed eyes for a few minutes will relieve some of the soreness and tiredness. The astringent action from the cucumber juice will help as cucumbers are high in antioxidants and flavonoids.

Just as fresh cucumbers may be used to relieve tired eyes, cucumber oil, pressed from the seed, nourishes the skin around our eyes helping to prevent crows feet, lines and wrinkles.  Cucumber oil is loaded with beneficial and energising skin vitamins, oleic acid and antioxidants.

Cucumber oil coupled with Coenzyme Q10, a proven, potent antioxidant, are the two key ingredients in Beauty By Nature’s natural and organic Ultra Rich Eye Cream.  Use it every morning and evening to minimise the signs of ageing around your eyes.

The delicious and beautiful fragrance is completely natural.   Studies have shown that commercial Eye Creams containing synthetic fragrance and ingredients may irritate eyes especially if your eyes are already feeling sensitive.

Ultra Rich Eye Cream contains natural vitamin E (not synthetic) to reduce the signs of ageing and also olive emulsifiers (that bind the oil and water together to make a cream) instead of the synthetic style of emulsifiers contained in other brands. These special emulsifiers counteract skin dryness because they bind moisture particles to cells of the skin.

The highest quality cucumber extract is also contained in Aqua Serum and with its base of certified organic aloe vera it provides a comforting and soothing solution for skin that is stressed.

Beautiful skin is not just the visible surface.  A healthy body reflects beautiful skin and health problems such as chronic stress, lack of sleep or acidity (caused through diet) will not only affect your eyes but also your whole face causing acne breakout, puffiness, skin discolouration, rashes, premature lines and a bunch of other skin problems.

Aqua Serum a natural, organic and safe daily repair serum applied over your entire face, soothes minor skin irritation such as breakout and overexposure to sun, heat and wind.  It’s easy to apply after you wash your face and before applying eye cream and moisturiser.

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