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Disturbed Sleep?

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It wasn’t long ago that humans woke and slept along with the rise and setting of the sun. Lighting obtained from the the glow of firelight with its yellow, orange and red wavelengths are so soothing and  don’t have the detrimental effects of other wavelengths like white and blue that come from artificial lighting. Our bodies just haven’t adapted to artificial light, when it should be dark therefore our sleep patterns have been affected.

Blue light, is a problem from computer screens, mobile phones and TV and when the sun is bright and overhead. Photoreceptors, or light-sensitive cells, in your eyes track blue light, which in turn triggers different processes in your suprachiasmatic nucleus, a small region in your brain’s hypothalamus.

The pineal gland is stimulated when there is a lot of blue light which increases wakefulness. This is not helpful when we are intending to fall asleep.  As the sun sets and blue light normally should decrease, the production of melatonin increases, which helps you fall asleep.

Computer screens, unless on night mode, affect circadian rhythms causing us to feel less sleepy. Falling to sleep and staying asleep is often greatly affected.

Simple steps to getting a good night sleep

It would be impossible for most people to live without lighting, mobile phones, computers and TV however we can mitigate the long term affects of sleeplessness.

If you view screens at night, it’s essential to block your exposure to blue light while doing so. I personally use “Iris” free software on my computer for this purpose and I have my mobile turned to ‘night’ modewith the brightness turned down permanently. In addition, when watching TV, I’ve started wearing blue light blocking glasses.

To assist the body into a state of sleep, essential oilsare very successful. Essential Oils affect our nervous system, which in turn can induce relaxation. The molecules of aroma that are contained in these oils are inhaled via your nose and absorbed through your skin in a process known as diffusion. Essential oils may be used in a diffuser, a bath and massaged on your body.
However a very simple and effective way to incorporate aromatherapy (essential oils) into your lifestyle is by using my. Beauty By Nature skin care products. Each and every product has its own individual aroma (essential oils) profile so that it not only benefits your skin but it also benefits how you feel. The essential oils in Beauty By Nature are carefully formulated to the correct dilution that is safe for your skin and your wellbeing.
Here are the best products to use in the evening for sleep assistance (and beautiful skin!)

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Refine your skin’s pores and with an instant feeling of wellbeing. Both Lavender and Myrrh have an amazing healing and calming affect on skin and also make us feel relaxed when inhaled.

Simply wipe over the skin to cleanse and refresh your face morning and evening.

sleep-pack-beauty-by-natureEssential Elixir – Combat fine lines and wrinkles, restore skin suppleness and elasticity and reduce scars.  With an intelligent blend of rosehip and evening primrose and essential oils that stimulate cell renewal and deeply nourish your skin whilst gently evoking your senses to unwind. Night oil for face

Relaxation Therapy Roll-on– use anytime as a beautiful, aromatic, natural and organic perfume with proven essential oils to improve your quality of sleep and relaxation.  Harnessing the power of Chamomile, Marjoram, Lavender and a divine blend of essential oils in jojoba. Simply roll onto wrists  anytime during the day and repeat application at night to assist sleep.

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