Secrets All Mums Know

Here’s the thing. Motherhood is hard. It’s the hardest job there is.

From childbirth it’s painful, it’s emotional, physically demanding and mentally challenging.

You say goodbye to hot coffee and tea (it’s always cold by the time you get to it), alone time in the bathroom, a tidy house and peace.. in general (except when they’re asleep).

You don’t sleep for approximately 7 years, your boobs sag and your hair falls out (either from pregnancy or stress at some point).

You make the decision to protect and love more than you ever thought possible this person; that if you ever lost and sometimes you do, you might crumble.  And the crazy part is that you’d do it all again because we are the ones that they run to for love.

They may not appreciate you until they, or their friends have kids of their own “Mum, I really appreciate you now, I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused growing up and I love you”, but that doesn’t matter…
Because motherhood isn’t just beautiful because they love you, but also because by loving them, you become a better person.

We may often go to bed at night wishing we could have been a better Mum, had more patience, kept the house cleaner, but we did the most important thing that day… we were imperfectly, wonderful Mums.

Mums however also have the power to realise that it important to have time out. You must look after you! Because unlike any other job, our job goes on forever.

This year, let’s make Mother’s day a celebration of love and looking after yourself.

To all Mums and step-Mums, Grandmothers and Godmothers…those who hope and pray to become mothers and those who have lost children or their own Mothers…

Whenever you read this, on Sunday May 13,
Happy Mother’s Day, today and everyday!

Read on to see our healthy and nurturing moisturiser gift pack for looking after YOU on Mother’s Day and everyday.

At Beauty By Nature we make products to help you look after yourself and your skin. We carefully formulate a special aromatherapy blend that will enhance each and every product to care for your skin and also the way you feel.
So you know just how incredibly fresh each product is there are use by dates on the containers. We also care about animals so our products are vegan friendly (except Honey Healing mask that contains honey), and our ingredients are not tested on animals, only humans.
It’s cooler weather now and your skin will benefit from the right moisturiser for your skin type and condition.
For dry skin try;

  • Our most magnificent, anti-ageingand nurturing Pure Plant Moisturiser– a velvet feel rich day cream (and good for night too) This new improved blend has MORE CoenzymeQ10 (an incredibly important ‘provitamin’  for skin vitality) and Vitamin B5 for elasticity.
  • A lighter feelingface cream that is fresh and breezy Pure Plant Light Lotion– packed full of healthy antiageing COQ10 goodness for youthful looking skin.
  • A rich antiageing nightcream (day time too) – Rose Rich Cream,containing absolutely the highest quality and pure rose absolute oil obtained from Bulgaria. Rose Oil is one of the most complex essential oils, it has a so many benefits for your skin, your mind and your soul.
  • A ‘treatment’ lotion to normalizecombination skin (also great for acne and problem skin in cooler months) – Yin Yang Lotion

And don’t forget your eye area needs special attention because around your eyes it is best not to use products containing essential oils or any fragrance. The skin around your eyes is the first to show lines of ageing because there are few oil glands close to the eyes.

Ultra Rich Eye Cream  moisturises and hydrates the skin with rich Cucumber seed oil and CoQ10 to achieve real results for smooth, youthful skin around the eye area.

This Mother’s Day we are proud to offer you wholesome goodness for you and your skin. This is a special pack we’ve put together that also makes the perfect gift because all of the ingredients in our products are natural and healthy.


  1. You choose a face cream,
  2. and Ultra Rich Eye Cream
  3. Receive a complimentary tube of luscious Bush Honey Organic Lip Butter (valued at $15)
    This cream is superb for dry lips, small dry patches and cuticles. Get your order in now!     This offer is available until 5pm Sunday May 13th, 2018

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