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Pure Plant Light Lotion

Pure Plant Light Lotion


Pure Plant Light Lotion is a beautiful, lightweight, waterbased moisturiser for normal. If you like the feel of a moisturiser that doesn’t leave a trace this is for you. Pure Plant Light Lotion fully absorbs into the skin while ensuring daylong moisturisation.

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Product Description

Pure Plant Light Lotion fully absorbs into the skin and is enriched with CoenzymeQ10 anti ageing antioxidant that provides AMAZING results. CoenzymeQ10 a pro vitamin like nutrient is the ULTIMATE for enhancing and RESTORING the health and vitality of each cell, it counteracts the damaging effects of stress and other factors leading to premature ageing. The beautiful aroma of this product is from PURE FLOWERS, woods and healing plant extracts (we do not use synthetic perfumes) Use twice a day or as directed. Pure Plant Light Lotion contains pure cold pressed Evening Primrose and Rosehip plant oils known for their powerful regenerative properties.

Additional information

Additional Information

Weight 75 g


Beauty by Nature

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