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Have I got your attention? I often get asked what I use on my own skin. With all of the Beauty By Nature products at my disposal just how much product can you actually load onto your skin? My secret is layering. My skin is normal however if I had issues with breakout, I would still layer my products. Serums are a sure fire way for getting results fast.

After cleansing and of course toning with Lavender Myrrh Toner (this combination of essential oils is so healing) I always apply a serum, sometimes two..

First I use Even Skin Tone Serum and I’ll tell you why.

The formation of brown markings on the skin, or general lack lustre and wrinkles is caused by years of accumulated skin stress ie late nights, not always eating the 5 food groups in the same meal or substituting drinks of water for drinks of coffee and tea, the occasional day of too much sun. Continuing skin stress will lead to even more discolouration & lines unless you take action now.

Luckily science is on our side because certain plant ingredients & fruit extracts have the unique ability to brighten skin tone & protect against further loss of skin integrity.

Recently I was introduced to a company that is extracting precious plant substances in a unique way from the Kakadu Plum. It is exciting to note that this plant has one of the highest amounts of naturally occurring vitamin C and it can be utilized in skin care without compromising the vitamin C that is easily lost by oxidization (exposure to air). Vitamin C does amazing things for your skin! In this new batch of Even Skin Tone Serum I’ve also added a special extraction of Green Tea and Emblica, which is a fruit from southeast Asia that is full of potent antioxidants to rejuvenate your skin. Please note: certain plant extracts, because they’re so active, may make the skin sun sensitive that’s why we recommend total sun protection.

Next I apply Cell Regenerating Complex. I have found that by using both serums before my moisturiser the effect is two fold. This serum has hydrating capabilities that prevent the skin from dehydration lines and wrinkles. Keeping your skin hydrated is best for promoting a youthful glow.

Over the last few weeks it’s been very humid so I’ve been using Evening Primrose Moisturiser because it is so lightweight. It actually feels like air on your face!

With Autumn & Winter ahead of us this may be just the time for extra special care for your skin. In the evening simply cleanse your face, apply Even Skin Tone Serum, Cell Regenerating Complex and Beauty By Nature moisturiser. See this great offer to save you $$’s.


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