Beauty comes from within

Sleep your way to good skin

Do you find that the lines on your face from your pillow don’t disappear as fast as they used to?

Always sleeping on your side increases wrinkles on your cheeks and chin. This is because sleeping in the same position produces “sleep lines” or wrinkles etched into the surface of the skin that often take awhile to disappear once you’re up. Sleeping on your back can help reduce wrinkle formation.Tips to reduce wrinkles? Eat more fish, particularly salmon, which is an awesome source of the essential fatty acid known as omega-3. These essential fatty acids nourish skin and keep it plump and youthful, helping to reduce wrinkles. Each and every face and body moisturiser in the Beauty By Nature skin care range also have a huge amount of omega 3 fatty acids. Applying essential fatty acids topically feeds the skin from the outside.

Did you know… water hydrates the skin? Quite literally. How? It physically plumps it up. You might think the last thing you’d want is to be plumped up… but I’m not talking about fattened up. Plumped… as in beautifully smooth, baby soft skin! You’ll look younger looking, gorgeous to touch and your skin will be super smooth to apply makeup on.

When you’re properly hydrated, the moisture in your skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles making it plump and full of moisture. This means fine surface lines will be smoothed out and look like they’ve just vanished. Like that? We thought you might! Hydrated skin also works better. If you are drinking plenty of fresh, pure water each day, your skin structure will be stronger and more supported. The blood, oxygen and nutrition flow to your skin will be better resulting in less pimples, less dead skin build up and greater skin elasticity. Extra water will give you a more radiant complexion and generally healthier skin. Beauty By Nature’s Cell Regenerating Complex does the same from the outside. Apply this amazing serum to your skin and moisture is attracted to the surface skin cells to plump them out as well as peptides to firm and tighten the skin matrix.

Plus that moisturiser you love that smells divine, will actually work better if your skin is hydrated. It will be able penetrate deep into the skin to do its job to the utmost. Fine lines reduced, skin looking amazing. Drink some pure water today. Please ensure that the water you drink is purified in some way from added fluoride and metals that can be present in tap water. Please note tap water is often acidic which could  lead to health problems.

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