Mother To Be Massage Oil


Preparing for birth can be exciting and challenging as the body experiences change.

Daily use of Mother To Be Massage Oil will help to prevent stretch marks and stress related tension with carefully selected plant ingredients.



Massage oil with help from Mother Nature, for the prevention of stretch marks and to ease stress related tension.

Exquisite cold pressed plant oils including Organic Avocado and Australian Macadamia with Natural Vitamin E are super nutritious for skin and wellbeing. Add to that a minute dose of a perfectly balanced blend at the correct and safe potency, of essential oils including Orange Blossom, the highest grade Lavender and Tangerine that are specifically to assist the skin’s elasticity while calming and nurturing your wellbeing.


Julia D, Perth W.A. This is my second bottle of your lovely oil Vanessa. I’m still using Mother To be Oil even after the birth of Harry. It’s definitely helped my skin and I think it’s removed some stretch marks from my last pregnancy. Thank you!

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