Settle Petal Hydrating Spritz


Hydrate your skin in an instant and protect your skin from accelerated ageing.

Authentic Aromatherapy from real plants (not synthetically perfumed) is synonymous with all things calming like white mist through the trees and the ripple of breeze over still water.

Settle Petal is, above all, hydrating for skin which is essential if you work in air conditioning or when your skin is exposed to harsh environmental drying elements such as wind, hot sun and cold temperatures.

Settle Petal provides a sense of wellbeing while being cooling, calming, restful and relaxing.

Mist..Breath..Feel Serene. Spritz to lift your mood and de-stress.



Mist your face and body with natural Settle Petal.

For your wellbeing, spritz and inhale the purposeful aroma of Settle Petal.  Experience natural and healthy aromas  from real flowers and plants. (Not synthetic perfumes made in a test tube!)

Our body reacts to our sense of smell, that’s Aromatherapy! Our nervous system reacts physically for example when you inhale the sublime aroma of real flowers the scent subtly affects our brain and uplifts emotions to help us feel more relaxed, happy and at ease.

Aromatherapy won’t work if you inhale ‘Non-genuine, non plant’ synthetic fragrances made in a laboratory from chemicals not derived from plants…our nose knows the difference.. it’s pollution!

Please note: Most perfumes, cosmetics, room sprays, household cleaners etc contain aromas that mimic the aromas from nature. They are NOT natural.

Settle Petal contains certified organic rose hydrosol from real rose petals, colloidal silver, Australian Native Flower essences and proprietary blend of pure essential oils from flowers.

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Weight 150 g


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