Essentials Pack

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Super nourishing and anti-aging

Includes – Gentle foaming face cleanser, Cell regenerating complex, Eye cream, Pure plant moisturiser and Essential Elixir

+ absolutely FREE new Organic Hand and Body Wash (valued at $22)



GENTLE FOAMING CLEANSER is the perfect wash off cleanser that won’t leave your skin feeling dry like other brands often do. This is so kind to your skin and it works so well after exercise or at the end of the day before sleep.

ULTRA RICH EYE CREAM use this Eye Cream if you want to avoid wrinkles and have smooth skin around your eyes.

CELL REGENERATING COMPLEX you can see the gradual difference on your skin over time as your skin experiences the benefits of a seaweed extract and concentrated Hyaluronic acid, a plant carbohydrate. A gentle firming, smoothing and regenerating of skin cells ensures your complexion stays youthful.

PURE PLANT MOISTURISER the delicate aroma of flower petals is a simply beautiful experience that uplifts your emotions. Nourish your skin from the outside in with this addictive moisturising cream for morning or evening.

ESSENTIAL ELIXIR the ultimate essential oil blend in delicious super rich plant oils to rejuvenate dry, aged and scarred skin.

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