Lavender Myrrh Toner


Calming and astringent for all skin types; an essential step in cleansing.

Instantly soothe and refresh your skin morning and evening with regenerative, healing Myrrh and the highest quality Lavender. This toner is the most superior product for refining the skin with genuine floral water hydrosol, from the distillation of essential oils. No added alcohol.



Instantly refresh and refine the pores of your skin morning and evening.

Lavender Myrrh toner is a superior synergy of valuable and genuine floral water hydrosol that is obtained from the distillation of essential oils together with Myrrh. Myrrh is a gum resin from a tree grown in Europe and the Middle East and is known for its potent healing and regenerative qualities.

There is no added alcohol or witch hazel.

The essential oils in Lavender Myrrh Toner have these properties; healing, anti-wrinkle, soothing, anti-inflammatory, tonic, antiphlogistic (reduces inflammation), antiseptic

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Weight 70 g

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