Flower Petal Complexion Cream


FLOWER PETAL COMPLEXION CREAM for day or evening, feels so light and gentle and perfect for all skin types.  In warm to hot conditions, your face will still feel fresh with this generously aromatic petal soft moisturiser. The texture is mat without any oily residue.

With only the very best in modern skin care formulation, enjoy the aroma of Neroli  Sandalwood and Roman Chamomile for calming.



Through the process of scientific research into chemical constituents we know that Neroli is a wondrous skin smoothing remedy for sensitive skin, broken capillaries and excellent for stimulating cell regeneration.

Although a lightweight feel, this product certainly packs a punch! Containing a variety of the best cosmeceutical ingredients to achieve complexion smoothing, freshness, brightness and translucency to your skin. Boosted with powerful Vitamin A, CoQ10, Vitamin B5 and more, as well as nourishing cold pressed plant oils and butters.

I have always been intrigued with Neroli essential oil and over the years have read so much about the history of this beautiful scent and the almost magical affects on mind, body and spirit.  Here is a short story inspired by my reading of numerous texts from the great early authors of Aromatherapy and why I have ‘composed’ this moisturiser containing Neroli. Vanessa Bagley

Once upon a time, somewhere between the 16th and 17th century in the enchanting realm of Nerola, nestled near the heart of Italy, there lived a Princess. From this picturesque town, Anne Marie Orsini, also known as Anna Maria de la Tremoille discovered the magic of Orange Blossoms in the air, where the essence danced with the breeze, creating a symphony of scents that enchanted the senses.

Infused with the love for this fragrant wonder, Princess Anna Marie embarked on a journey that would forever change the world of aromatics. With a heart full of passion, Her royal attire and baths were adorned with the captivating scent.  When these ethereal orange blossoms were eventually distilled into precious essential oil it was named Neroli, after the Princess from Nerola, turning neroli into a symbol of purity and peace.

Enter the wondrous  bitter orange tree, scientifically known as Citrus aurantium var. Amara, but more affectionately recognized as the Seville orange tree. From its leaves and twigs, we receive the spirited petitgrain, a lively companion to the delicate dance of Neroli.

Imagine the scene: the white neroli blossoms, delicate and airy, a green scent infused with a hint of honey, and the freshness of orange, all delicately extracted through the art of steam distillation. This process captures the essence of freshly-picked flowers, preserving the magic of Neroli in a bottle.

Further information:

The effect of inhalation of Neroli, in short, decreases a stressful state and elevates our Theta state ie. our ability to relax, create memories etc., according to (Ref:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5198031/). Studies have shown that the effects of various fragrances on mood, physiology and behaviour are due to the fragrance’s direct ability to interact and affect our central nervous system. Plant aromas highly influence the various mental and physical conditions of humans. The EEG recording is the simplest and precise technique to understand the effect of essential oils on our mood state.


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