An Amazing Australian Anti Ageing Ingredient

How to change your skin care routine moving through into Spring 

You have your skincare routine organized with products you enjoy.
Cleanser, moisturiser, makeup – done! It’s simple and easy. Then the season changes and you notice your complexion is dull.  Here’s how to keep your skin happy as you move through into beautiful Spring; plus some travel tips for your skin.  
Don’t’ wait until you have unhappy skin

Often we wait until we see signs and then attempt to treat a problem. You know how your complexion is smooth and clear and then you end up battling open pores or congestion as the temperatures steadily rise, with a moisturiser that perhaps is too heavy?

We modify our eating habits and wardrobes to align with the season and climate we’re in so you’ll know when it’s time to switch things up in your skincare routine when you ditch the closed in shoes and reach for strappy sandals!

Take a close look at your skin. If the glow you’ve had by the fire light in winter is looking faded and dry, you may feel the need to exfoliate more often and hydrate, hyrdrate, hydrate!

How You Cleanse – A great way to transition your skincare into Spring is by combining cleansing products, or skincare cocktailing.

Incorporate alongside your daily cleanser,Gentle Facial Exfoliant every second day for a deeper cleanse and to remove excess dry winter skin cells. The constant and gentle removal of old skin cells from the surface stimulates new fresh hydrated cells to the top where you need them. Gentle Facial Exfoliant now with AHA’s (alpha hydroxyl acids – all natural), not only mechanically removes drying skin cells with jojoba beads but also gently dissolves the bonds between waste skin cells using fruit acids, which ensures a fresher complexion. With regular use your skin will be smooth, clean and ready for hydration and moisturiser!

How You Layer– In Spring and Summer the skin needs hydrating ingredients that are light, cooling, and soothing. The basics of layering are lightest products to heaviest. Active products such as serums, need to be closest to the skin. If you are looking to ramp up your moisture game without heavy oily products, try a hydrating serum at night such as Cell Regenerating Complex. Undaria Pinnafitida extract is an extraordinary ingredient in this serum, from the cold ocean around Tasmania. This remarkable wakame seaweed has amazing antiageing benefits for your skin including firming and decreasing the depth of wrinkles. Coupled with Hyaluronic acid (a plant carbohydrate) you have simply the very best ingredients for skin hydration and antiageing. Cell Regenerating Complex is super concentrated, you’ll find nothing else like it!

How You Moisturise – Summertime dryness is different to winter dryness. In winter skin tends to be chapped and irritated. In Spring and Summer warmer temperatures require lighter moisturisers. This may be the ideal time to finish up your cold weather rich moisturiser and change to a more lightweight variety such as Pure Plant Light Lotion. Simply supplement its nourishing power with a few drops of hydrating facial serum to keep skin comfy and glowing.

When you travel

  • Quick tip: If you want to travel extra, extra lightweight for a few days to a week, use Lavender Lotion as your cleanser and moisturiser in one!
  • Tip 2: Drink plenty of water when travelling especially long haul flight.
  • Tip 3: Clear Mountain Air essential oil blend is the perfect aromatherapy treatment. Simply a few drops on a tissue and keep inhaling when you’re on board a flight as this blend has antiseptic properties.
  • Tip 4: Always take your skin care basics on board. It’s always good to arrive at your destination with a clean face and nourished skin. However remember airline guidelines with 100ml carry-on bottles; it’s never fun to chuck your bottle of toner due to airport restrictions.

You take wardrobe and footwear into account when packing for a trip. Your skincare requires the same consideration. A change in season or climate for a couple of days or weeks as you travel is a good time to look at your skincare treatments. Choose products that address your current skincare issues. If you’re heading to a different climate be mindful of your skin’s needs. For extreme humidity you may experience breakouts or oily, sweaty skin so therefore use Aqua Serum as the perfect skin comfort treatment. If you have skin prone to breakout don’t forget Heal Spot Serum on small areas for acne prevention and treatment. Maybe you need a huge boost with a rich moisturiser when the weather is cold, dry or icy. Essential Elixir is your must have extra along with your regular cleansing and daily moisturiser.

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