Why use cosmetics with these ingredients?

The way to determine if a cosmetic is good quality is not by looking at the price or being fooled by advertising hype! Study the ingredients on the label. As this can be very confusing, (unless you’re a scientist!) we have made this easier by creating a reference list of ‘ingredients used in cosmetics’.

The list below includes common questionable chemicals found in well know cosmetic brands! There are many more ingredients that we have not included yet… this is a work in progress. Beauty by Nature DO NOT USE! any of these products (all our cosmetics are healthy!)



Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (sls) A strong irritant that denatures mucous membranes allowing the passage of other toxins. Used in shampoos, toothpaste, body wash etc.
Parabens – methyl, ethyl, propyl & butyl Oestrogen mimics. Can cause allergic dermatitis
Diazolidinyl & imidiazolidinyl urea diazolidinyl urea (or 3-diol diazolidinyl urea) 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1 (or bronopol) DMDM hydantoin. Formaldehyde donor. At certain temperatures, it breaks down and releases formaldehyde. This has many toxic effects, being a poison, an experimental mutagen in humans and suspected carcinogen.
Dimethicone & cyclomethicone Foam preventative and makes creams feel smooth. It is noted as having experimental reproductive effects. Although not listed as toxic, silicones ‘coat’ the skin which is definitely detrimental to oily skin. It is my opinion that these ingredients should only be used in leave-in hair ‘moisturiser’.
Fragrance/Perfume Unless specified as pure essential oil, manufactured chemical fragrances will include some or all of the ingredients that are listed here as well as hundreds of other trace chemicals – often poisons. On a cosmetic container it is just listed as ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’.
Phthalates DBP, DEP, also butyl ester Plasticizers used to soften pvc vinyl make lotion more able to absorb into the skin. Found in paint, solvents, vinyl floor coverings, raincoats and cosmetics, hair care, nail polish & perfumes etc. Phthalates can cause hormonal damage. Please note Phthalates is not listed as an ingredient on cosmetic containers, however it is contained in ‘Fragrance’ – as above. Phthalates are added to commercial perfumes to enable the fragrance to linger longer on the skin ie the plastic will absorb into your skin.
Toluene Used in nail polish. Acute central nervous system poison. May cause bone marrow changes, damage to foetus, headaches, brain damage.
Mineral Oil – petrolatum Analysis of certain mineral oils reveals traces of several carcinogenic hydrocarbons. Not to be used for babies.

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