Home Skin Care Ritual

In the evening

Cleanse your skin with Gentle Foaming Cleanser or Purifying Face Wash in the shower or over a wash basin to remove the pollution from the day. Or Light & Gentle Cleansing Milk is perfect to remove makeup with either a warm face washer or cotton wool. For gentle makeup removal around eye area use Flower Eyemakeup Remover.

Apply Lavender Myrrh Toner. Replenish lost moisture using Cell Regenerating Complex for firming & tightening sagging or tired skin, Aqua Serum which immediately heals and soothes the skin around your eyes and face and neck or Even Skin Tone Serum which promotes a more even colouration of your skin – in preparation for moisturiser.   Moisturise and Nourish using Eye Cream Pure Plant and Moisturise with Essential Elixer or Rose Rich Cream for dry skin or Pure Plant for normal skins. Instead of dotting the moisturiser on your skin, try rubbing it into the palm of your hands and then pressing your hands onto your skin – for a more even coverage.

Intensive Nourish Mask is also an effective neck treatment Use 2 – 3 times a week & notice softer more lovely skin!

In the morning
Tone your skin with Lavender Myrrh Toner or Floral Water Skin Tonic
There is no need to cleanse again as your skin is generally at an even temperature at night… toner will refresh your skin and remove traces of perspiration and prepare your skin for moisturiser.
Apply a serum – as above and then moisturise and nourish using Eye Cream Pure Plant and a Moisturiser such as Pure Plant for normal skins, Yin Yang Balance Lotion for normal to oily skins or Evening Primrose Moisturiser which is a general purpose cold cream for all skin types.

Tip:  Always apply your moisturiser down onto your neck and décolletage (upper chest)

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