Winter Skin Pack


Honey Healing Mask, Essential Elixir & Ultra Rich Eye Cream




Winter brings cold wind, indoor heating and often dehydration and skin dryness.

Now is the time for dedicated skin care.  The best products will deeply nourish and care for dry skin, ensure skin integrity, elasticity and a healthy skin glow.

Honey Healing Mask. This skin perfecting mask with high MGO Manuka honey, papaya extract, skin vitamins and plant butters super nourish depleted, dry, aging skin.

Ultra Rich Eye Cream. The eye area is a delicate skin area that requires the ultimate in hydration and nourishing specific to that area of your face.

Essential Elixir. The best combination of pure cold pressed plant oils and essential oils from plants for the ultimate night treatment. Massage gently into the skin to replace natural skin oils.

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Weight 325 g


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