The Perfect Travel Pack -Face Cleanser, Face and body moisturiser


Skin care travel pack for all skin types. The perfect minimalist skin care to nurture and nourish your face and body.



Are you a minimalist? Or is space limited or perhaps you want to have a simple, quick and effective skin care routine?  You’ve found it! This is the perfect solution to your face and body care. Gentle, yet so effective to nurture your face with a simple to use cleansing and moisturising duo. Gentle Foaming Cleanser will remove all traces of pollution from your face without drying out your skin. A simple application of Lavender Lotion on your face, with all natural plant ingredients feeds your skin from the outside in.  Extend the use of Lavender Lotion and massage onto neck, arms, hands & cuticles, legs and feet. We’ve found the best Lavender essential oil ingredient that calms your skin and the benefits of Lavender are known far and wide to also enehance a feeling of calm within yourself.



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