The Detox & Rejuve Me Pack

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This is the perfect, smart and savvy kit to purify your complexion and deeply rejuvenate face and body.

Available Now, until Midnight 30 January!



Purifying Face Wash – contains leaf oil from Australian Lemon Tea Tree and is a wonderfully refreshing, wash off cleansing foam. Lemon Tea Tree, Leptosmermum petersonii was traditionally used by indigenous Australians for its antiseptic properties (also colds, flu and as an insect repellant)

Gentle Facial Exfoliant – gentle, deep pore cleansing, with natural jojoba wax beads (not polypropylene!) refine and detoxify ingrained dirt and impurities from your face. Geranium, good for congested skin balances sebaceous glands in our skin.

Aromatherapy Body Scrub salt, beautifully combined with cold pressed oils and waxes and stimulating rosemary, zesty orange and decongesting mint is perfect to remove that dry, dull top layer of cells and your skin will be beautifully moisturised.

RECEIVE THE NEW 300GM Aroma Body Scrub with this special

Body Detox Oil 100ml   Nourish and improve skin elasticity with skin toning plant oils and detoxifying essential oils of Juniper, Cypress and more. We’ve had many wonderful testimonials from people who use Detox Oil on ankles and legs during long haul flights.


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