Bliss for Feet and Hands


  • Refreshing & rejuvenating Foot Spa salts containing Lemon Myrtle
  • Aromatherapy Hand and Body Scrub
  • Pineapple Hand (and body)Cream
  • Heel Socks

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Refresh and rejuvenate your feet, ankles and lower legs with this easy to use step by step  pack.

  1. With a glass of something refreshing, find a comfortable chair and with foot spa salts and a basin of cool water, you’ll instantly feel refreshed in the heat of summer by placing your feet in the water for 10 mins.

2. Dry your feet off and onto dry skin, massage Body scrub to instantly reveal fresh skin on the top of your feet, toes and heels. At the same time why not massage hands as well!

3. Apply rich Hand Cream to your heels and slip on your special gel lined socks that soften heels and beautify feet in 10-30 minutes. Sit back relax and now pay special attention to your hands and cuticles with this deliciously, aromatic rich hand cream. 

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Weight 550 g


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