PAIN MANAGEMENT Herbal Massage Oil Blend


Physical pain and stress can be exhausting.

Aromatherapy is a valid and proven method for helping the body to overcome the debilitating affects of pain and stress. Certain essential oils and plant ingredients are used in traditional remedies by wholistic therapists for their powerful healing properties.

Treatment with aromatherapy; Pain Management Blend combined with gentle massage may be the best daily solution for your body, mind and spirit.



The following ingredients are recognised and proven herbs used in natural therapy for pain and inflammation; Arnica, St. John’s Wort, Hemp and Comfrey have been carefully combined with an array of extraordinary and powerful essential oils.  This effective Aromatherapy  massage oil treatment is easy to apply and provides comfort with continued use by helping to ease  muscular tension and joint inflammation.

For best results we recommend daily gentle massage over affected area.

Please note: Most products that are used for muscular pain and tension contain ingredients such as menthol. For some people this may not be the best protocol.

Pain Management Blend does the opposite. The ingredients are designed for soothing muscles and joints with their anti-inflammatory properties rather than stimulating the area of concern.

Please note:  the essential oils used in this Aromatherapy blend may assist with sleep.

We recommend using this product in the evening.

Please note: individual results are individual for each person and it will be dependant on the degree of pain that is being treated.

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