DIY Home Facial Pack


Light & Gentle Cleansing Milk

Gentle Facial Exfoliant

Honey Healing Mask

Ultra Rich Eye Cream

Essential Elixir



Everything you need for smooth, cared for skin. Your at home weekly Mini Home Facial Kit
Light and Gentle Cleansing Milk with lemon myrtle, is a deliciously fresh way to remove unwanted pollution, makeup etc. from your skin. If you’re used to using a gel or foam cleanser give this gorgeous milk cleanser a go by simply massaging onto your face and removing with a damp face wash cloth. You’ll be surprised how much better your skin will feel.
Gentle Facial Exfoliant removes microscopic flaky skin cells and deep cleanses. New fresh skin cells will instantly improve your overall complexion. Simply massage Gentle Facial Exfoliant with geranium onto your face by swirling your fingertips around in small circles, wash off thoroughly. Avoid eye area.
Use two to three times a week for best results.
Famous Honey Healing Mask with Vitamin B3 and  paw paw dramatically restores skin smoothness to devitalised, dry skin. Apply once or twice a week to improve elasticity and elimate age lines.
You’ll see why this product has developed such a cult following!
Wrinkles and crinkles appear around the eye area as soon as our skin is even slightly tired, dry or dehydrated.  Ultra Rich Eye Cream is formulated to exactly what your skin requires with deeply penetrating cucumber extract to nourish the skin both under and above your eyelids. Apply twice a day.
With such amazing results you’ll see why we often get asked if you can use Ultra Rich Eye Cream as an all over facial moisturiser!
With just a few drops of Essential Elixir massaged over your face and decollatage nightly, you’ll experience the complexion boosting,  incredibly nourishing and revitalising power of Mother Nature.   Evening Primrose Oil with gamma linoleic acid combined with a perfectly balanced combination of one of the worlds most expensive healing essential oils, Helichrysum; and a signature blend of pure  essential oils tones,
revitalises and restores a youthful complexion.

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