Complete Summer Skin Care Pack



1. Light and Gentle Cleansing Milk 200ml
2. Lavender Myrrh Toner 125ml
3. Aqua serum 50gm
4. Cell Regenerating Serum EXTRA PRODUCT (NORMALLY $85)
5. Anti Age for lips EXTRA PRODUCT (NORMALLY $15)
6. Pure plant Light Lotion
7. Ultra Rich Eye Cream

optional extras: (not included)
Gentle Facial Exfoliant
Essential Elixir



How to use these 7 products every day

1.Light and Gentle Cleansing Milk 200ml – night your first step to fresh clean skin is removing pollution from the day using a moistened face washer and cleanser. Lemon myrtle and mint have antibacterial benefits that allows your skin to feel super clean.
2.Lavender Myrrh Toner 125ml – use in the morning refresh the skin and remove traces of perspiration and waste from pores. Myrrh Gum blended with Lavender Floral water hydrosol, a valuable by-product from the distillation process of essential oils, is so effective and skin healing .
3.Aqua serum 50gm – morning before moisturiser there is no doubt about it, stress affects our skin (lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, worries etc) Your skin will greatly benefit from this incredible combination of healing plants. Did you know that Aloe Vera has over 70 skin nutrients including vitamins, minerals and folic acid for skin repair. Coupled with professionally extracted plant essences of milk thistle, cucumber, marshmallow, Kakadu plum and chamomile
4. FREE PRODUCT (NORMALLY $85)Cell Regenerating Complex – night Anti-ageing with the latest in Skin care technology – Fucoidan extract from wakame grown in the pristine waters off Tasmania and cell regenerative properties from everlasting flowers.
5. FREE PRODUCT (NORMALLY $15) Anti ageing lip balm – anytime organic butters and plants nourish dry lips AND use on the skin around your lips to prevent lines.
6. Pure plant Light Lotion – morning and night CoQ10 pro vitamin and plant squalene keeps skin supple and youthful and in our hot summer this is the ideal product with a matte finish.
7. Ultra Rich Eye Cream – morning and night Cucumber seed extract has anti inflammatory and antiwrinkle benefits for anti ageing around the eye area.


optional extras: (not included)
Gentle Facial Exfoliant – substitute the cleansing step with this invigorating deep cleansing and skin smoothing cream once a week.
Essential Elixir – the perfect night oil to replenish natural skin oils and stimulate cell renewal for a youthful complexion.

* (btw this is a proven scientific phenomenon as essential oils from certain flower petals and citrus activate our nervous system in a positive manner).

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Weight 750 g


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