Bush Essence Deo Cologne


Bush Essence, a celebration of pure and natural scents to uplift your emotions. This evocative unisex cologne is never overpowering. It’s a subtle reminder of how nature makes perfect ‘scents’!



Hi everyone, be careful with perfumes and colognes. They often contain chemicals that can affect the human body in a negative way.

INSTEAD try this natural and organic, earthy and refreshing scent of the Bush. Yes, this can be used underarms however it’s best misted over your body. Delight in the complex aromatherapy components as you inhale the natural scent of Australia Blue Cypress, Australian Sandalwood, the ‘tobaccoey’ aroma of Clary Sage as well as vibrant Bergamot peel, extracted from the rind of this gorgeous citrus fruit and more…

Please note the artwork is from an original Dave Groom painting. Dave Groom, celebrated artist in the Gold Coast Hinterland .


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