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Jasmine Lotion

Jasmine Lotion


* The Jasmine absolute we use can only be described as heavenly, tropical, sensuous and heady. The sweet almost buttery aroma gently blankets your scenses.
* The perfect hand and nail treatment, Jasmine has a balancing effect on the skin making it ideal for all skin types especially devitalised skins.


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Product Description

This 100% pure, rich Jasmine Hand and Body Lotion contains only healthy ingredients and Vitamin B5 Panthenol to improve skin integrity. Experience the gorgeous aroma of highly prized Jasmine. Jasmine perfume is famous for it’s sweet and heady bouquet.  Skin softening, moisturising and healthy with Australian Macadamia nut and Avocado oil, Certified organic Coconut, Ylang Ylang and Australian Sandalwood for their remarkable skin healing qualities.
Jasmine Lotion is exquisite and luxurious and perfect for hands and cuticles.

Additional information

Additional Information

Weight 210 g


Beauty by Nature

Yearning to know more about natural skin care? Thanks for visiting us here at Beauty By Nature.  Eating fresh foods, having a great diet and getting enough exercise and rest is important if you want to stay young and healthy looking however your skin needs to be healthy on the outside too. At Beauty By Nature we’ve created a professional range of therapeutic and natural skin care for you that’s healthy and gets amazing results..

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