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Introducing Aqua Serum: Your Ultimate Skin Hydration Solution

Experience the power of Aqua Serum, meticulously formulated to improve smoothness and elasticity for all skin types and conditions, especially recommended for stressed skin.

Our advanced formula harnesses the potency of highly active water and oil plant extracts, that offers comprehensive nourishment and care for mature skin as well as acne and reddened skin.

Aqua Serum is your daily companion for comforting, soothing, and improving. Embrace the exceptional power of this natural plant formulation and unlock your skin’s radiant potential.


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At the heart of Aqua Serum lies high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, derived from a process of bio fermentation, working harmoniously to hydrate skin that assists to diminish trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) while enhancing skin suppleness and elasticity.

Nature’s brilliance is showcased in the synergy of botanical water extracts within Aqua Serum. These potent plant Cellular Extracts are processed in a way that preserves the inherent healing power of their water-soluble composition of each plant, ensuring maximum efficacy for your skin.

Chamomile, comfrey, oats, aloe, Kakadu plum fruit, marshmallow root, cucumber seed and milk thistle combine forces to help reduce inflammation, calm, and heal the skin which is especially needed for reddened skin. Enriched with Vitamins E and B5, along with plant oil extracts-essential oils, sourced from three varieties of chamomile flowers.

Use Aqua Serum every day for every skin type that demands the comfort and soothing and healing power of an exceptional natural plant formulation.

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  1. Corina Parata

    My mum recommended Aqua serum to me as she really enjoyed this specific product so I wasn’t worried about trying it. I love how my skin feels and glows since using Aqua Serum. It feels hydrated. I would be happy to recommend this product to anyone looking for healing, hydration or anti aging skin needs. Corina Parata, Gold Coast

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