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Aqua Serum comforts stressed skin

* 100% pure aloe vera based
* functional plant extracts target skin stress
* comforting serum immediately benefits problem areas
* target mild redness, acne, puffy or tired eye area

Organic Shampoo & Body Wash, Organic Conditioner

Natural Shampoo for hair and body; especially recommended for sensitive scalps and skin. We highly recommend Natural Shampoo for acne suffers especially if you have acne, pimples or blackheads on your back? Try using this Natural Shampoo and watch as your skin starts to clear up and heal on your back. We don't use dimethicone or cyclomethicone which is commonly found in commercial brands. Feel the difference using this natural plant formula which leaves hair squeaky clean. If you have hair below your ears and longer we definitely recommend Natural Conditioner. Ideal help for sensitive scalp and skin with associated conditions.

Purifying Face Wash

Enjoy the fresh aroma of Native Lemon Tea Tree essential oil, known for its antibacterial properties combined into a gentle cleansing foam/gel base.

Yin Yang Balance Lotion

A water based ‘matte’ moisturiser which leaves skin feeling supple and smooth.  Yin Yang will improve normal, irritated, congested, oily and acne skins as it calms, heals and soothes your skin with potent and powerful plants. Watch as your skin becomes less stressed over time.

Yin Yang won’t ‘dry’ the skin out like other brands of treatment creams of this kind!

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