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Homme Cologne Atomiser

Does the aroma of warm sandalwood, earthy mosses and fresh floral essences excite your senses? Homme unisex skin tonic/cologne is the ideal facial skin tonic to use everyday. Spray or splash directly onto the skin… ideal after shaving…. to invigorate your senses and soothe your skin. Ideal as an aftershave or body spray. The compelling uniqueness of this aroma will keep others guessing!

Detox! for Cellulite and Oedema

A valuable addition to all weight loss and detox programs with a tried and true Aromatherapy formula to help rid the body of troublesome oedema and cellulite.

Relaxation Therapy Roll-on Perfume

The quiet and calming combination of three types of chamomile, marjoram, geranium and more is a serene fragrance synergy that has practical purposes!

Meditation Perfume

This secret blend of oils including rich spices, fruits, resins and ancient herbs has been seven years in research… to find the ULTIMATE beautiful aroma for meditation, yoga, spiritual and relaxation pursuits.

Settle Petal

The all original Settle Petal for instant happiness.
Mist, breathe and feel serene as you hydrate your skin with this gently aromatic and uplifting flower petal Aromatherapy water. May be used any time, any place.
Aromatherapy won’t work if you inhale ‘non-genuine’ synthetic aromas such as commercially made perfume.

Royal Garden Aromatherapy Perfume Oil

Spellbinding and seductive
Nurturing, honey-sweet, white gardenias delicately folded with passionate ylang ylang blossoms,
earthy-spiced patchouli, vanilla pod, fresh bergamot and rich Australian sandalwood. 10ml

Aromatherapy Pack

Created by a qualified aromatherapist. Beautiful essential oil blends with complimentary bottle included of natural and organic Massage oil. Use unscented or as a base for ‘Relaxation Therapy’ to massage on the neck and shoulders and body!

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